Our Services: Diversified and Customized to Achieve Your Goals

We know the road to college and university can be tricky. We help students and their families identify future goals, explore options, and match their strengths and interests to "best fit" schools.

The Comprehensive Program

This program is designed to help students and their families through each step of the college admissions process. Each step is personalized to help the student find the "best fit" college that will meet the needs and priorities of the students, and to demonstrate their uniqueness in the application process. 

We get to know the students through personality and career assessments and organize and assist them in every step of the way – create a timeline of the college process, develop an appropriate college list, provide specific help with course selection, applications, essays, interviews, and preparation for college visits.

Depending on student and family need and interest, below is a list of components the Comprehensive Program may include:

  • Explanation of college process to student and families• Assessment of priorities, preferences, and aspirations with student and families
  • Evaluation of academic achievements
  • Identification of strengths, interests, and accomplishments
  • Establishment of educational goals
  • Counsel on high school course selection
  • Encouragement and tips for study skills
  • Myers-Briggs assessment- Find My SparkTM
  • College MatchTM assessment
  • Design A College survey
  • YouScience!TM assessment
  • Use of GuidedPath-comprehensive software including Fiske Guide to Colleges
  • List of reach, target, and likely colleges for student admission
  • College visit preparation
  • Advice on demonstrating interest to colleges
  • Customized college interview preparation
  • Creation of resume
  • Guidance on summer programs and internships
  • Assistance on scholarship research and applications
  • Timeline recommendations for college admissions exams (what and when)
  • Essay brainstorming, editing, and feedback
  • Application completion
  • Review of all applications, essays, and other materials before submission
  • Coaching on asking for teacher recommendations
  • Communication regarding specific steps in college process 
  • Personalized assignments for students to stay on task
  • Addressing dangers of senioritis, etc.
  • Discussions and recommendations for college choice
  • Tips for a successful transition to college 

*We do not guarantee admission to any college nor do we write essays for students.

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