Individual Evaluation and Consultation

Assess priorities, preferences, and aspirations
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Personal College Selection

Match student needs, qualifications, and interests with “best fit” colleges
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College Application Assistance

Inform yourself about admissions, applications and more
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When our children started the college process, we looked for guidance on how to get through the selection process. We searched online and networked through friends. The common denominator with all of our research pointed in the direction of Dr. Marsha Comegno. We found Marsha very knowledgeable of the entire process as well as familiar with countless colleges and universities. Because of the direction from Marsha, our children were accepted to their top choices. We have the utmost confidence in Marsha. We would highly recommend her and her services to anyone pursuing higher education. Marsha made the college application process less stressful then it could have been, she was wonderful to work with and the boys really liked her.



The journey to higher education is complex, requiring deft decision making and personal goal setting amidst an ever-changing backdrop of college and university options. We know. Led by an Ivy League educated founder, Dr. Marsha Comegno, Journey Education Consulting helps students and their families navigate the admissions process. Matching students to institutions that meet their needs, qualifications, talents, and goals is important to ensure future success. We help students identify, explore, and match their passions to “best fit” colleges through self-exploration and the demonstration of themselves in the application process.

Journey Education Consulting offers a broad range of services for students and their families in the college and university selection and admission process.

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